AK Cleansing Shampoo

Pre-straightening treatment shampoo.

Format: 950 ml Category:

Special shampoo for applying Argan Keratin Straightening Liquid treatment. It helps to remove residues from the hair, preparing it for the keratin treatment.

Wash the hair 2 times with the Argan Keratin Cleansing Shampoo. Leave 5 minutes of exposure in each application. Once the hair is washed, dry completely between 80 and 100% with the dryer or in the air. The hair will be prepared for the application of the Argan Keratin Straightening Liquid treatment.

Argan oil and keratin form the basis of this formulation. The argan oil strengthens, nourishes and revitalizes the scalp, providing the hair with natural shine and softness. Keratin is a natural hair protein that seals the hair cuticle. Consequently, the hair recovers its silky, shiny appearance.

  • Removes residues from the hair
  • Provides softness and brightness
  • Silky appearance
  • Paraben-free


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