The essence of

Periche Profesional

The essence of Periche Profesional lies in our Dreams Lab, in an experience exceeding 50 years in the market, and in unique creation and work methods.

We are characterized by customer empathy, friendliness and personal relationships, all of which make us stand out in the market. Every day we strive to maintain the maximum quality in our products and offer our customers the best service.

At our Dreams Lab, we are dedicated to coloring hair and coloring life. Here, we search for the best formulas to care for and pamper your hair, while enhancing its beauty. This is the place where we design looks that make a difference. This is where dreams are born, and we want to make yours come true.

We have an exclusive, infallible formula that we want to share with you.

Follow step by step... And let’s build dreams together!
Go and find your inspiration

Go outside and take it all in. Inspiration is unpredictable, but at the same time omnipresent, so take a different route and break your routine. Open up to people, have a conversation, be curious to know and eager to learn, because you never know where or how life will surprise you. Stimulate your senses and inspiration will eventually come.

Surround yourself with everything that adds quality to your life

Commit to your friendships and have a busy social life. Knowing how to work in a team is essential, but don’t forget to enjoy some downtime with your family and loved ones. Have fun and laugh a lot; emotional well-being will allow you to be the best version of yourself.

Be professional and show your commitment to those around you

Look after the people you care about and be grateful to them. Be kind and offer help to those who need it. Face difficulties with optimism and courage and remember to keep the passion alive in what makes you happy.

Use your experience and trust your instinct

Experiment, try fearlessly, make mistakes and try again. Question everything and be true to your beliefs; experience is a value for facing the present and shaping the future.

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