Hair loss shampoo.

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Hair loss shampoo containing capillary complex based on placenta to reduce hair loss.

Apply on the wet hair, massage into the hair for about some minutes and rinse. Recommended for use with Kode Placenta KSKE.

This hair loss shampoo contains extract of placenta, rich in proteins and B-group vitamins, which helps to reduce hair loss. Among these group of vitamins, B6 prevents hair weakness and helps in the production of melanin. Vitamin B3 stimulates hair growth and enhances blood flow in the scalp. In addition to extract of placenta, the composition of Kode KSKE includes dietary minerals which encourage cell regeneration and metabolism. It also contains cucumber extract and marula oil, two nutrient-dense natural ingredients that hydrate, soften and strengthen hair, contributing to its vitality. Recommended for use with Kode Placenta KSKE.

  • Helps to reduce hair loss
  • Provides vitality and nutrition
  • Regenerates and increases cellular activity
  • Moisturizes and strengthens hair


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