Soft Conditioner

Conditioner with aloe vera.

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Conditioner with a strong hydrating and restructuring effect, enhanced by the active ingredients of aloe vera. It provides hair with extreme softness, while repairing and protecting it from premature ageing at the same time. It can be used daily as it has an acidic pH which balances the hair’s natural pH value.

After washing hair, towel-dry and apply. Gently massage into hair, let activate for 2 to 4 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Ideal for daily use.

Its formulation based on aloe vera provides a conditioning power that respects the health of the hair. The phytonutrients in this medicinal plant penetrate the hair fiber, nourishing and regenerating it from root to ends.

  • Great moisturizing action
  • Extreme softness
  • Repair and protect
  • Daily application


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