Double Sachet Careplex 1+2

Double sachet CAREPLEX for single use.

Format: 10 + 15ml Category:

Doble Sachet CAREPLEX para un solo uso. Contiene un sobre de Care Blond Screen 10 ml y un sobre de Care Blond Sealer 15ml. (24 un. x caja).

Care Blond Screen (1): Tratamiento fortalecedor y reparador para reducir los daños en decoloraciones, tintes y permanentes.

Care Blond Sealer (2): Postratamiento específico para Care Blond Screen. Sella la cutícula, preservando y fortaleciendo el cabello tras procesos de decoloración u otros procesos físico-químicos.

Care Blond Screen (1): Mix the product directly with the chosen chemical treatment. Recommended amounts:

– Bleaching: 1 tablespoon of bleaching powder (approx. 30 g) / 6 ml of Care Blond Screen.

– Super lightening: 10 g of dye / 1,5 ml of Care Blond Screen.

– Hair dye: 10 g of hair dye / 1 ml of Care Blond Screen.

Care Blond Sealer (2): Apply the product immediately after using the chosen chemical treatment, leave for seven minutes and rinse. Recommended amounts: 15 ml for medium-length hair (increase for longer hair).

Care Blond Screen (1): Formulated with a last generation effective amino acid complex that acts to prevent breakage of the hair fiber, protecting it from the inside and preserving the health of hair.

Care Blond Sealer (2): Designed with the revolutionary complex Careplex that strengthens, moisturizes, adds shine and volume to the hair. It also contains argan oil and hydrolyzed soy proteins.

Care Blond Screen (1):

  • Shield effect
  • Prevents breakage of the hair fiber
  • Preserves hair health
  • Provides conditioning

Care Blond Sealer (2):

  • Strengthening effect
  • Seals and strengthens the cuticle
  • Nourishes and repairs
  • Revitalizes and improves the strength and elasticity of the hair


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