Kit Careplex

Careplex kit for profesional use.

Format: 500 ml x 3 units Category:

Careplex kit for profesional use. Contains 1 unit of Care Blond Screen 500 ml and 2 units of Care Blond Sealer 500 ml.

Care Blond Screen (1): Strengthening and repairing treatment, indicated to reduce damage in the bleaching process, coloring and perms.

Care Blond Sealer (2): Professional aftercare treatment specifically developed for Care Blond Screen, that seals the hair cuticle, strengthening and maintaining the vitality of the hair after bleaching and other physical or chemical processes.

Care Blond Screen (1): Mix the product directly with the chosen chemical treatment. Recommended amounts:

– Bleaching: 1 tablespoon of bleaching powder (approx. 30 g) / 6 ml of Care Blond Screen.

– Super lightening: 10 g of dye / 1,5 ml of Care Blond Screen.

– Hair dye: 10 g of hair dye / 1 ml of Care Blond Screen.

Care Blond Sealer (2): Apply the product immediately after using the chosen chemical treatment, leave for seven minutes and rinse. Recommended amounts: 15 ml for medium-length hair (increase for longer hair).

Care Blond Screen (1): Formulated with a last generation effective amino acid complex that acts to prevent breakage of the hair fiber, protecting it from the inside and preserving the health of hair.

Care Blond Sealer (2): Designed with the revolutionary complex Careplex that strengthens, moisturizes, adds shine and volume to the hair. It also contains argan oil and hydrolyzed soy proteins.

Care Blond Screen (1):

  • Shield effect
  • Prevents breakage of the hair fiber
  • Preserves hair health
  • Provides conditioning

Care Blond Sealer (2):

  • Strengthening effect
  • Seals and strengthens the cuticle
  • Nourishes and repairs
  • Revitalizes and improves the strength and elasticity of the hair


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